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Mark Edward Thomas Piotrowski
"When a man walks alone, he is heard by thine own ears...But when a man walks among others, he is heard throughout eternity!"
(757) 358-6485

PO Box 2322
Williamsburg, VA, 23187-2322
United States of America

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My books are In-print/E-book format through my publisist on The Case to End All Cases: To Sherlock Holmes - A Solemn Memorandum A Rare Diamond in the Rough! (Hard-boiled) Where There is a Will..There is a Way! (British Murder) Der Alte Holzsammler - The Old Wood Gatherer (Grimm-like Fairy Tale) Wiccamere! (Mystery/Suspense) Ye Olde Mardi gras Melancholy! (A faux Shakespearean play) It's the Gospel Truth - The Jake Blades' PI Casefile: (Hard-boiled)
Marketing, Writing & Editing, Customer Service, Public Relations, Public Relations